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Budget motel in Nevada
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Budget Lodging

Low-cost accommodation options in the USA

Limited-Service Hotels

Many hotel brands offer more affordable accommodations. These hotels don’t usually have luxury services like an onsite restaurant or fitness center, but they have money-saving benefits like complimentary breakfast, in-room microwaves and refrigerators, and free Internet. Many of these properties also offer larger rooms, which is beneficial for those traveling with their family or large groups.


Created in 1925 to provide affordable lodging for motorists, motels are often located near major highways and interstates. Guests can usually have direct, walk-up access to their individual rooms from the motel’s parking lot.  The accommodations generally are more basic and less expensive than hotels.


Hostels are an affordable alternative to hotels and, although they welcome guests of all ages, are often frequented by young travelers with limited budgets. There are hundreds of hostels in the U.S. with prices starting at $15 for a shared room. There are many hostel providers, and Hostelling International USA is a popular one.