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United States of Sports: Kristaps Porzingis in New York
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    New York

For Kristaps Porzingis, New York City couldn’t be more different than his hometown of Liepāja, Latvia.

But the Knicks rising star is loving life in his exciting new home.

When he was first drafted by the Knicks in 2015, New Yorkers didn’t know what to make of the 7’3” lanky Latvian. He wasted little time in introducing himself. Named Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for November, December, and January, Kristaps quickly established himself as a franchise player in the making. The athletic, versatile big man continued his strong play all season long, making the prestigious All-Rookie First Team. In his sophomore season, Kristaps was a force to be reckoned with, averaging 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Two years in, Porzingis has cemented his status as the future centerpiece of the Knicks franchise.

Just as New York City marvels at their young star, so does Kristaps marvel right back. He’s inspired by the hustle and bustle of America’s largest city, finding his own energy replenished by its vibrant activity. To the Latvian transplant, New York’s diversity is exciting and welcoming, offering the promise of both new encounters and familiar ones. He’s still wowed by the beauty of the skyline, the glow of Times Square, and the majesty of the Empire State Building. And he’s still finding lots to do. Whether it’s catching a show on Broadway, a concert at Radio City, or an exhibit at one of the city’s many museums, Kristaps keeps busy. But sometimes he needs to slow down and catch a breath of fresh air. That’s when he takes his bike on a scenic ride through Central Park. The 21-year-old has plenty left to discover about his new home. But that’s what makes it such a magical place.

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