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Dolphin Adventures presentation at SeaWorld San Diego in California
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Beyond the thrills of rides and attractions, SeaWorld San Diego’s love for the ocean and its creatures inspires guests from around the world.

Located on the Pacific Ocean coastline in Southern California, San Diego is known for its sandy beaches, museums, public gardens and, of course, SeaWorld San Diego. While visitors can enjoy the park’s many rides and fun-filled experiences, SeaWorld also offers opportunities to learn more about and be a steward of the earth’s oceans and the animals that inhabit them. Guests can watch exciting and educational animal presentations, interact with sea life and learn more about marine mammals, simply by visiting the park, while also helping fund the SeaWorld Rescue and Rehabilitation program (a portion of all proceeds go to the fund).

Entertainment Meets Education

Providing an opportunity to learn more about orcas, dolphins and sea lions, SeaWorld San Diego’s educational presentations are a must-see when visiting the park. At Orca Encounter, connect in a whole new way with the ocean’s most powerful and majestic predator. Learn about the orca’s hunting techniques, methods of communication and the importance of their family hierarchy. Presented on an expansive infinity screen in an outdoor seating area, Orca Encounter allows you to witness the natural behaviors of these incredible creatures.

Prepare to get splashed at Dolphin Days – an exciting experience that introduces visitors to the high-flying antics of a family of bottlenose dolphins, as well as the team that cares for them daily. A thrilling celebration of life, Dolphin Days highlights the dolphins’ incredible athleticism and skills. Laughter abounds at Sea Lions Live, a SeaWorld family favorite that features sea lions Clyde and Seamore and their mischievous co-host, OP Otter. From unexpected antics to hilarious sketch performances, this show is a fun-filled yet educational good time for the whole family.

One of many educational entertainment opportunities at SeaWorld San Diego

One of many educational entertainment opportunities at SeaWorld San Diego
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Meet the Animals

A visit to SeaWorld San Diego isn’t complete without taking time to visit the many animals that call SeaWorld home. Marvel at 2-ton walruses, descend into an underwater viewing area to see graceful and social beluga whales, or check out Magellanic penguins soaking up the sun. Thrills await in the underwater viewing tunnel, where sharks stalk the blue depths. Guests should make time to stop by the park’s smaller aquariums where sea turtles swim peacefully, bat rays glide through the water and moray eels peek out from their hiding spots. Be sure to make a trip to Otter Outlook, home to rescued sea otters, to see these intelligent and playful resident otters up close.

An amazing moment face-to-face with a beluga whale at SeaWorld San Diego

An amazing moment face-to-face with a beluga whale at SeaWorld San Diego
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Tours and Interaction Programs

For guests seeking a closer look at SeaWorld’s treasured animals, behind-the-scenes tours are available for an additional fee via Encounter Tours. Feed and communicate with a dolphin poolside, or take a selfie (also known as a #slothie) with a gentle, two-toed sloth. Ever dream of meeting a penguin? The Penguin Up-Close Tour provides a state-of-the-art opportunity to meet one of these incredible birds. Tours are also available to interact with beluga whales and sea lions. Due to limited availability, it’s important to make reservations online in advance. Customized experiences are also available for guests seeking even more interaction with SeaWorld’s animals. Private VIP Tours pair guests with a personal guide and include more animal encounters and the opportunity to meet animal professionals who work in the park.

Getting There

SeaWorld San Diego is in California on the coast of Mission Bay. Fly into San Diego International Airport (SAN) and drive 20 minutes north to reach SeaWorld.