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Views of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray Colorado
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In the Heart of the Rockies in Ouray, Colorado
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Enjoying the wildlife at Box Canyon Falls in Ouray, Colorado
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Soaking in the hot springs in Ouray, Colorado
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Enjoying one of the many hot springs in Ouray, Colorado
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Exploring historic downtown Ouray, Colorado
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High in the mountains in Ouray, Colorado
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Wildlife spotting in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado
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Views from the jeep tour in Ouray, Colorado
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Looking at downtown Ouray from Box Fall Canyon, Colorado
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Having traveled quite extensively in the United States, I am always blown away by the natural beauty of the country.

However, my recent visit to Ouray, Colorado, and my explorations in the mountains surrounding the town, surpassed almost every other place I’ve been.

Magnificent Scenery

Ouray is in the southwest part of Colorado and in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. Considering it’s a fairly small town, there is an abundance of activities to do there. My first adventure was taking a jeep tour up into the mountains. We started early in the morning and while it was definitely a bit chilly, the tour guide brought blankets, gloves and wooly hats. The off-road jeep tour gradually made its way through the mountains, whilst the guide told me all about the area’s local history. After about 30 minutes we turned a corner, and the view we saw was so incredible that I was actually speechless. Wild flowers of all colors carpeted the ground, snow covered the mountain peaks and the endless crests and valleys made the scenic picture complete. From then on, I rode silently in awe of the beauty surrounding me. We went to almost 13,000 feet and at the top I just stood taking it all in – my feet in patches of snow and my body warmed by the rising sun. I took many pictures but they just don’t do justice to what my eyes were seeing. It was truly one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever visited.

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Soaking in the Hot Springs

After an excellent morning and a delicious lunch, I drove a few minutes to my next stop – the hot springs. The hot springs in Ouray are sulphur-free, so they don’t have the strong smell that you sometimes find in other hot springs. The pool is made up of three areas, each one a slightly different temperature. I opted for the hottest one and soaked for ages, all while surrounded by the towering, colorful mountains.

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Take a Hike

Refreshed and ready to go, I began my hike at Box Canyon Falls, another natural wonder in Ouray. The hiking trails available range from quite simple and short, to challenging and long. I picked a hike that was in the middle, or maybe slightly towards the simple and short – either way I was surrounded by more gorgeous scenery including mountains, waterfalls and stunning autumn colors.

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Chilling Out

After a fabulous hour-long hike, I popped back to my hotel to freshen up. A hot cup of tea gave me a second wind, so I then took a lovely walk around the town. I made my way to the Ouray Brewery, one of the many bars that are on Main Street. Here, I grabbed a beer whilst a musician strummed away on the guitar. Dinner that night was once again excellent, as all my meals in Ouray had been. So, with a full belly and thinking about the excellent day I’d just had, I went back to my room, crawled into bed and fell into a lovely night of slumber. Ouray had been an incredible town to visit and one that will remain in my heart forever.

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