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Kanarraville Falls in Cedar City, Utah
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A beautiful canyon near Kanarraville Falls in Cedar City, Utah
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Cedar Breaks National Monument in Cedar City, Utah
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Panning For Gold in Frontier Homestead State Park, Utah
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Kanarraville Falls in Cedar City, Utah
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Towering peaks at Cedar Breaks National Monument in Cedar City, Utah
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Throwing an arrow in Frontier Homestead State Park, Utah
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Cedar Breaks National Monument before sunset in Cedar City, Utah
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Scenic beauty of Cedar City, Utah
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Cedar City and Brian Head are located in southwestern Utah.

There are many sites for visiting and playing, perfect for families and travelers old and young. It was one of my favorite places to visit on my recent tour of the state.

Cedar City’s Outdoor Attractions

Cedar Breaks National Monument is one of the state’s most distinctive and beautiful natural landscapes. You can’t miss it! Standing at the top of the hill and overlooking the monument, my heart was filled with admiration for nature’s beauty. I went in the evening to watch the sunset. The whole valley looked like a painting.

At Kanarraville Slot Canyon just a short drive away, I discovered a place that only added to my passion for this destination. After walking a ways at the beginning of the trek, you will then cross a few streams by foot. It’s okay to let your shoes get wet. Meanwhile you are surrounded by the crisp sound of water, the great valley, the sweet sound of birds, the beauty of the sights – everything makes the hike so worth it. There are two main, small waterfalls and you can use a ladder or rope to climb up the falls. It is actually quite simple. Children and older travelers should pass with some caution, but the hike is very enjoyable and relaxing.

Not far from Kanarraville Slot Canyon, Frontier Homestead State Park is a both a natural and cultural attraction. I had so much fun here. They provide so many colorful activities that I hadn’t seen or done before, such as circling the ox horn, shooting an arrow, embroidering and panning for gold. Someone will even teach you these skills step by step. What interested me most was panning for gold. I used a plate-like sifter to collect fine stones from the water, then slowly looked for the glow of gold in the sun. It was so cool and there really is gold!

Brian Head: The Ultimate Resort

Called the highest resort town in America, Brian Head has a base elevation of nearly 3,000 meters and a peak elevation of 3,400 meters – it’s truly impressive. This area is best known for its resort and its world-class skiing in the winter. After the snow melts, there is still plenty happening for outdoors enthusiasts. Brian Head Resort has hiking, archery, a zip line, biking, tubing… the list goes on, so you won’t be at a loss for things to do year round. It’s also well-known as an affordable outing for families, making it a true gem among Utah’s fabulous landmarks and attractions.

Cedar City and Brian Head not only have beautiful scenery but also a variety of outdoor activities that you won’t find elsewhere. Want to have a memorable family trip? Cedar City and Brian Head welcome you at any time!