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Living History

Almost all of Inarajan’s 17 historic sites can be explored by simply walking around the village. Wander down San Jose Avenue and gaze at the paintings on the doors and windows of the buildings, which illustrate what life in Guam was like in the 1950s. Admire the structures along San Jose Avenue, including the George Flores Old Store and History Center, which resides in a historic building that was built in 1914. Don’t miss the Hotnu Bakery, where delicious sweet breads and pizza are made in a Spanish brick oven three times a week. Just around the corner is Saint Joseph Catholic Church, which has been the center of Inajaran village since 1680. Buried beneath the church altar are the remains of Father Jesus Baza Dueñas, a martyr who was executed by Japanese soldiers during World War II.


A Cultural Treasure

In addition to being a historic village, Inarajan is a designated folk arts village. Head to Gef Pa’go Cultural Village, which sits on the shore of the bay. This living museum is staffed mainly by elder Chamorros who demonstrate the traditional Chamorro arts, crafts and cooking that were widely practiced in the first half of the 20th century. Staffers also give tours of the 1901 Leon Guerrero House, which housed the village commissioner and his 16 children, and is one of the oldest homes in the village. Some of the island’s earliest cultural relics can be seen at Gadao’s Cave, where ancient cave pictographs depict legendary Chief Gadao, who was revered for his strength and fearlessness and lives on in Chamorro folklore. The chief is also commemorated in a bronze statue that portrays him rowing his canoe.


Wild Wonders

Take a walk to the sea and have a seat at the edge of Agfayan Bay is a large, natural rock formation that locals call "Bear Rock" because it looks like a giant bear sitting in the sun. Then wander over toward the southern side of the main village where you’ll find Salaglula Pool, a set of natural seawater pools that are a popular spot for swimming. Or head up into the hills and take a peek at the beautiful Talofofo Falls and learn about the cave where Shoichi Yokoi hid for 30 years, not realizing that World War II had ended.

Fun Fact

Overlooking Inarajan’s natural pool in Guam
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Inarajan is home to a naturally occuring oceanfront pool, protected from the waves by coral barriers.

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