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"Sweet Family Fun" is the Hershey Harrisburg region's most salient theme, with a theme park anchoring the experience. Hersheypark's coasters and Kissing Tower and smokestacks from the original chocolate factory paint the Hershey skyline. The City of Harrisburg is less than 15 miles away and is full of offerings, including the arts, minor league baseball, museums and cool shows at the best events venues in the region.

For couples or other adult getaways, there is an urban eclectic vibe that is growing. The Harrisburg region is bursting with new restaurants and collaborative arts initiatives that stand alongside old favorites that remain cornerstones of the city experience. A visit here is always capped with great atmosphere and food, from farm-to table to small plates and Sunday brunch in addition to fine steakhouse dining, wine bars and whiskey bars.

The Susquehanna River, lush vineyards and renowned Appalachian Trail create a great outdoors setting fit for any adventure. The region’s beauty reflects off the river as kayakers paddle past historic mansions and others walk through nature centers teeming with wildlife.

Summertime is the region’s most active tourism season, where guests are welcomed with the sights and sounds of classic summer fun. There is the unmistakable sound of speeding coasters along with gorgeous vistas of the slow and steady Susquehanna River. You have flower gardens. You have beer gardens. It’s a place where chefs, business owners and tour guides are anxious to greet you, serve you and share the stories of the great region they call home.

Hersheypark is a marquee attraction that hosts millions of amusement park lovers each year. Thirteen roller coasters, dozens of family rides, live entertainment and a water park provide the perfect setting for those endless summer days. But it’s not just the park that makes Hershey a must-visit destination. In a town lined with Hershey’s Kiss-topped street lights, the inspiring, entrepreneurial story of Milton Hershey is told in many unique ways.

You can buy Hershey’s Chocolate in any store, but the only place that you can make your own candy bar, work in the “Kiss Factory” and soak in the entire chocolate-making experience is Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction, which is near the gates to Hersheypark.

An amusement park may anchor the regional attractions list, but don’t mistake Hershey or neighboring Harrisburg as a “kids only” zone for summer or any other season. Mr. Hershey built a luxurious Four Diamond hotel with award-winning, chocolate-infused dining and an unparalleled spa experience. One of his legacies is Hershey Gardens, a nine-hectare botanical treasure that Hershey first envisioned as “a nice garden of roses” for his wife, Kitty. 

Harrisburg’s downtown is a great escape for food, theater and cool-find stores. The restaurant and business district buzzes on warm nights when outdoor and rooftop dining spots are the place to be.

Fun Fact

Wilt Chamberlain’s famous 100-point basketball game was played in Hersheypark Arena on March 2, 1962.
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Wilt Chamberlain’s famous 100-point basketball game was played in Hersheypark Arena on March 2, 1962.

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