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Rich in history, culture and forgotten heroes, along with undiscovered towns and hamlets, the Golden Isles experience is one of the richest along the Atlantic seaboard. Cultural elements – songs, stories, dances, food and architecture – and numerous other factors help define the area.

Tracing the paths of the area’s first visitors gives insight into the lure of the coast. Following well-worn paths through the virgin forests and paddling the waterways, Native Americans enjoyed the area’s bounty of game and shellfish. Today, visible remains of shell rings, both on the mainland and the islands, attest to eons of visitation.

Beautiful marshes surround the area, and sandy beaches stretch on for miles. World-class golf is everywhere, with hundreds of holes taking full advantage of the Golden Isles’ breathtaking views. Historic landmarks, museums and art galleries present the back story and legacies of the area. From quaint bed and breakfast inns to five-star resorts, there’s something for everyone in the Golden Isles.

In this richly diverse land and seascape, activities such as saltwater fishing, sailing, kayaking and birding continue to grow in popularity. Healthy maritime ecosystems provide many sustainable benefits, from tourism to the harvesting of fresh seafood. It’s only through the wise stewardship of the richly endowed environment that the special beauty and life of coastal Georgia will be preserved for generations to come.

There’s a distinct culture here in the Golden Isles that’s founded on tradition and so welcoming that you’ll notice it immediately upon your arrival. A welcoming approach to visitors, an intense pride in the region’s history, a beauty of landscape, pine forests and meandering rivers – a blend of many components where the very isolation of the South refined this special culture. Lowcountry boils, a good Saturday football game, the ocean, the golf, the beaches, the quaint towns, the family gatherings, the many churches both large and small and the music that hovers in the air all contribute to the culture of the Golden Isles.

A strand of unity runs through this magical place. Some say it’s the golden marshes, while others say it’s the warm sandy beaches and the painted skies at sunset. It’s both of those and much more. It reaches beyond to a certain Southern charm and hospitality that provide a gracious welcome to all of the visitors, and it is that on which the destination stakes its claim and extends a welcome.

Welcome to the Golden Isles of Georgia, an enchanting place like no other. 

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