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Learn how the discovery of oil created a new destiny for this farming and lumber town, transforming it into a centre of culture and refinement built on the riches of Black Gold. Tour the spectacular mansions and landmarks built with oil money as well as historic homes which recall life in earlier times.

See big Texas icons unique to Beaumont: the world’s third largest working fire hydrant, the largest alligator living in captivity in Texas, and the spot where a 1901 gusher led to the most significant oil boom in American history.

Explore awe-inspiring architecture, serene beauty and a blend of Louisiana Cajun and Texas cowboy culture. Sample crawfish, gumbo, and perhaps, fried alligator. Enjoy the mellow sound of blues, jazz or the beat of country, rock or Zydeco music. Need more? Here are six reasons to visit Beaumont.


Beloved and feared, American alligators are Texas’ most fascinating native creature.  Gator County Adventure Park is home to about 300, including Big Al, the largest alligator in captivity certified by Texas Parks and Wildlife at 13 feet long and over 1,000 pounds. Visitors are invited to hold a baby alligator at this wildlife park which also features interactive animal shows with crocodiles, turtles and snakes.

Beaumont Rocks

The city has been producing music legends for much of the last century across all genres of music – country, jazz, rock, blues, hip hop and Zydeco. Artists, old and new, keep the good times rolling. Learn to two-step or just enjoy live music at one of many local hot spots.

Birds and Boats

Birdwatchers are in for a treat at Cattail Marsh Scenic Wetlands where over 300 species and thousands of birds roost year-round. From downtown's Riverfront Park, enjoy relaxing boat tours every Saturday, from March until November, with Neches River Adventures. See birds and animals which live along the banks of the Neches, the gateway to the Big Thicket National Preserve. 

Antiques and Boutiques

Local shop owners scour the world to find the most interesting and unique treasures to fill their shops. Browse the boutiques on Calder Avenue to find selections from fine quality furnishings and décor to funky vintage statement pieces that sparkle.

Divinely Different Dining

The culinary landscape of southeast Texas is packed with bold taste. From the spice of Tex-Mex dishes to the flavour of slow-cooked Texas barbecue to the zest of Cajun cooking, the local cuisine is a food lover’s treat. Savour a plate of barbecued crabs, Gulf-fresh seafood, a juicy steak, southern comfort food or the all-American favourite, the hamburger.

Oil Gushers

The Spindletop gusher spurred the greatest oil boom in the U.S. and changed Beaumont forever. Spindletop-Gladys City Boomtown Museum provides a first-hand look into the 1901 lifestyle complete with the replica Lucas gusher which blows water hundreds of feet into the air. The Texas Energy Museum showcases today’s energy industry and illustrates how southeast Texas continues to fuel the world.

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